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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 8, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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highs school graduate - now focus of a death investigatn in santa barbara. sideshows are back on bay aa highways... and already - a young child has been seriouy injured. and one very delicate bit of clean-up work left by a very windy night. the extraordinary measures being taken to make sure these yog owls get back in a nest. good evening i'm el the extraordinary measures being taken to make sure these young owls get back in the nest. >> it could be weeks before we know exactly what happened to a santa rosa teen who died at a massive spring break party. jazelle's body was found saturday morning. tonight, her friends and family came together to grieve. joe vasquez was there.
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>> she was taking part in the spring break party near uc santa barbara. she disappeared friday night. a jogger discovered her body at 8:00 saturday morning, floating in the water. some surfers saw her body right after that. >> said that it looks like her back was broken and black and blue. it was really sad. >> it has gotten so routty that police blocked off the beach. so young people mob the streets of the town instead. in fact, just hours after jazelle's body was discovered, several people were hurt after a downtown balcony collapse. one person was taken to the hospital. 23 arrests and 71 criminal citations this weekend. for everything from fights to public intoxication. several hundred people gathered here at santa rosa high school
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tonight. this is where she graduated less than a year ago. t me show you pictures. this was the vigil tonight. people holding candles and telling stories and just standing here in gut wrenching disbelief at the loss of jazelle. the girl with a gorgeous smile. that girl who always lit up the room. her sister says, you know what, she touched so many lives. >> she recently told us she woke up every morning to be happy to be alive. she loved what she was doing and what direction she was headed in life. we take sol lis in that and hope you can do the same. >> it's not clear what killed jazelle. the sheriff's department tells us they are going to do toxicology tests. they could take several weeks. reporting live in santa rosa, kpix5. >> those powerful winds aren't just causing problems here in the bay area.
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they are driving a 50-acre wild fire in venturea county. the fire appears to be burning away from homes. firefighters have yet to establish any containment lines. back here in the bay area, the winds were strong enough to uproot trees. one took out a backstop at park side square and just across the field, another fallen tree toppled into a house. that homeowner was lucky, the owner of this was not. the pickup bed took the brunt of the fall. >> and in san francisco, so much sand blew in from ocean beach. the city had to call in bulldozers to clear the great highway and tonight, those still working to do just that. these are live pictures from lincoln way where the great highway is still closed at this hour. all the way south to skyline boulevard. more on the wind and what is next, here is paul. >> this was an 18 hour wind event, started at midnight and
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didn't begin to let up until 6:00 this evening. these are the peek wind gusts. check out san francisco. a good reason why all that sand was blowing, 75-mile per hour wind gusts. at sfo, a 60-mile per hour wind gust. even cupertino, 60 miles per hour. a lot of things came together to cause this. strong high pressure off to the west. what is, is a tightly wound up area of low pressure, which passed just overhead, leaving the strong high and the strong low, we were right inbetween those, which gave us strong winds. low pressure area is moving away so the winds continue to relax tonight. those winds are coming out of the north. this is april and we'll be down close to the 30s in livermore, redwood city and fremont and 43 for san jose. those staple winds are going to be turning a different direction. wait until you find out when we hit the 80s. >> thank you. drivers listen up.
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if you're using phone for gps, you can still get a ticket. using mapping functions while behind the wheel is a moving violation on par with texting and driving. a california court just upheld a ticket a guy got for looking at a map. the ruling goes the extra mile to say any activity that could be distracting, falls into the no texting law. also tonight, president obama made another direct plea for action on a set of gun control measures. his comments came in hartford, connecticut, with he was joined by a dozen family members from the sandy hook school shooting. >> the day newtown happened, was the toughest day of my presidency. but i got to tell you, if we don't respond to this, that will be a tough day for me, too. because -- because we have to expect more from ourselves. we have to expect more from
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congress. we've got to believe that, you know, every once in a while we set politics aside. we just do what's right. >> after that speech, the president flew back to washington with those sandy hook family members on board air force one and tomorrow those families will begin a lobbying campaign on capitol hill. the u.s. navy is about to go to sea with a new kind of weapon. a laser. and it could be a game changer. cbs news reporter, david martin, gives us a closer look at it. >> you can't see the laser beam, but that's what is hitting this unmanned drone. burning into it like a blow torch. the beam was fired from a u.s. navy destroyer. >> this will be the first real word deployment of directed energy weapon. >> according to rear admiral, chief of naval research, it will be deployed in the persian gulf where iron iranian
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speedboats harass u.s. navy ships. >> if we have to provide some type of weapon system, this will be the system. >> this is what the laser can do to a motor. the beam is able to stay on its target despite the bobbing of the waves. turn down the power and it can fire a warning shot or blind a spy camera trying to take pictures. >> we can dazzle that sensor and degrade it completely. we can almost turn it off. >> laser won't work against high speed targets, and bad weather can distort the beam. but it cost $40 million to develop and build over six years and has the potential to revolutionize both the economics and technology of warfare which today relies on weapons like the side winder missile at half a million dollars per shot. >> it's about $1, it's a little
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less than the u.s. dollar. compared to something that right now may take thousands of dollars, maybe a million dollars. think of that for a second. >> the laser, a weapon which shoots out at the speed of light is due to arrive in the persian gulf next year. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. a mirror to the reagan era in the united states. it was very much the thatcher era in britain. the divided legacy of the iron lady. lottery players are loving it. what power ball means for california and one lucky winner. >> as humans, we probably take a toll on wind life and if i can pay it back, i'm going to do it. >> one more bid of fallout from that wild night of wins. baby owls back in their nest. ,,
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we are southwest. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. she was the original on my audition for walt disney, he said can you sing a song? i aid i'm sorry, i don't sing. >> the original mouseketier.
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she died today from complications of multiple sclerosis. the child star was hand picked to join the mickey mouse club and she stole the show in the beach party movie series. >> even after her health deteriorated, she continued to raise money for research. flowers lay on her star. phytfunicello was 70 years old. margaret thatcher was 87 years old. after 30 years of socialism, thatcher helped lift her people out of the worst economic crisis since the depression. and yet, her legacy still divides. mark phillips has more from london. >> margaret thatcher was called many names in her time, but it was an adversary, the leader of the old soviet union who used the nickname that stuck. >> she was a politician for
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whom the term devicive is a compliment. loathe by the workers, crushed in the industries. she shut down or sold up. loved by the new strep neural class, her capitalism created. as britain's first and only woman prime minister in office from 1979 to '90, her very name became an ideology. thatcherrism. a british version of reagan onlyics, her soul mate relationship with ronald reagan is what won the cold war. and on her death, the children of thatcherrism, including britain's current prime minister, paid tribute. margaret thatcher didn't just lead our country, she saved our country. >> in her later years, she suffered from a series of strokes and dementia and rarely seen in public. in her prime, she has been described as a force of nature.
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not only facing down the unions, but facing down the arkansas arkansas general tin argentinans. her bullying manner became the stuff. >> but by the most important measure of politics, there was no denying her success. she won three straight elections. and brought her ire represable message to the u.s. on cbs news face the nation as well. >> a strong country with a great presence of great people. >> lighten up. is that what they tell you? >> be more upbeat. >> the remarkable thing is the 23 years after she left office, her legacy is still being argued about. a funeral is being planned. it's one notch below a state funeral. margaret thatcher was more than a politician here. she was one of those people who defined and gave her name to an
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era. mark phillips, cbs news, london. back to that overnight wind storm that reeked havoc on some of the sensitive wildlife habitats. these owls were blown out of their nest and separated from their parents. kit doe on how the owls are finding their way back with a little help. >> they are perhaps the most helpless victims of the bay area's big wind storm of 2013. three owlets who were blown from their nest and survived. the chef saw them fall from a height of three or four stories. >> two of them were upside down and weren't sure, they looked all right. >> amazingly, the baby great horned owls, which are about four weeks old, looked all right, a good sign they were making a noise, which is a warning to stay away. >> the fall they suffered was
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tremendous. they look great. all thee are going to go back. >> volunteers with wildlife emergency services made a replacement nest. they attached it o a cotton wood, which is more suitable with thick bark which is easy for owls to grab with their claws. hoisted up to their gnome home. >> it was fantastic. a good feeling to put these little ones back. i think as humans, we take a fair toll on wildlife and if i can pay it back, pay it forward a bit, i'm going to do it. if we can help them out once in a while, even when it is an act of nature, it's probably the right thing to do. it we just heard the parents hooting in the trees, hopefully these babies will start getting anxious and calling out to their parents and the mom or dad will come to the new nest and feed them and maybe they'll have a happy ending to awltsdz. their chance of survival, a lot
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better than it was when they first fell out of that nest. in freedom, kpix5. >> we got late word that one of the parents successfully found the new nest and was tending to the owls. all right, radar is clear tonight, kpix5 high definition doppler showing no rain fall. coming up, find out who is going to be hitting the 80s this week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cars doing donuts in the st slide show, drivers are back up to their same old tricks near oakland. this time a toddler was hurt.
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that was back in january. a side show that shut down traffic on interstate 880 near the oakland coliseum. in that particular case, nobody was injured. not the case this time. kpix5 reporter talked to the child's family. >> the crash happened not far from here on 880 south. a two-year-old boy broken because of a spontaneous side show in the middle of the freeway. >> a mess of crumpled metal that used to be jasmine's car. >> i can't do anything but thank god that we made it out alive. >> the accident happened march 20. one moment glenn, her toddler, and her mother, terri, were driving down 880 south. >> driving down the freeway and the car decided to do donuts. it decided to do a side show on the freeway. >> bay and other cars had to
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stop cold. >> that's when the big rig hit me from behind. a hard impact. spinning out of control. extremely scary. >> when they stopped spinning -- >> my first thought was that my mother and son were dead, because they both had passed out. >> they were alive, but two- year-old corey's neck wa broken, fact that glenn says doctors at the ceaser in heyward missed. physicians at children's hospital would discover the injury and surgeons fused his vertebrae together. >> even when i go visit him now in the hospital and i see him laying there, i'm grateful that he's still here. >> his recovery will be a slow and painful process. three weeks after the accident, highway patrol officers ha no suspects.
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>> you move on, but look what happened. >> authorities say the driver who started the side show hit a barrier and got out to check for damage. it was dark at the time. they don't have much of a description, but they say he was drive ago silver sedan. kristen ayers, kpix5. >> and doctors say corey's little boy will have to wear that neck bra bra brace for the next three months. if you like to play the lottery, more power to you, california is now the 43rd state to get in the power ball game. at $2 per play, tickets cost twice as much as megamillions. the payoffs can be huge. one jackpot last year swelled beyond half a billion dollars. current prize for wind's drawing is $60 million and growing. >> what would you do if you won? >> you know what, probably pass out, have to be revised.
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>> your chances of winning are slim, but add some spice to life. >> your odds of winning are miserable. 1 in 175 million. there are some ways to improve your chances. we'll tell you how coming up at 11:00. what wouldn't you do? that's the longer list. >> the people who won't get in at $200 million. but once it hits half a billion, i'm in. after taxes, you only take home $60 million. winds finally diminishing. those winds coming out of the north, low 50s for liver more x san jose, oakland, the warm spot at 61. we will likely get down to the low 40s. but speaking of water, there's none falling from the sky, more will there be. high definition doppler is dry. microclimate forecast, down to
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pleasant hill with the winds changing. a high of 75. look at wind. sunny and warm with a high of 83 degrees. i'll explain why coming up. high pressure off to the west. big, strong low pressure area passing by just off to our east. low is gone now, so it's all about this big ridge of high pressure. look at the clear sky we have offshore. that's a huge ridge of high pressure. two things, drops the wind down to normal and also increase the temperature into the mid 70s. on wednesday, the winds will temporarily go offshore. that's the warm flow of air. we'll have the warmest day of the year coming up on wednesday. many of you will be in the 80s coming up on wednesday. we'll stay dry for a while, but it will be breezy at times. tomorrow it will be a fantastic tuesday. liver more, 74. sunny veil 73. union city, 72. 75 in pleasant hill.
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and low to mid 70s for petaluma, nevada, and sai know ma. here is your extended forecast. low to 80s. back down to the 70s and we're going it be dry all the way through the weekend. >> all right. >> looking good. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chris webber played there...question was, woulde michigan was back in the ncaa championship for the first time since chris webber played there. question was, would we show up to back him? start the clock, wayne. he did not sit next to the rest of the fab four, though. the national player of the year, trey burke on the bench.
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he was on fire. he hit four three's in the first half. just as odd, that bunch. the lead is gone. they carried that moe men tom momentum to the second half. 82-76. they're first title since 1986. baseball, madison on the hill after rockies. get help, look at -- he has three home runs to lead the giants. three-run blast. later in the fifth. facing carlos goal gonzales, earlier in the game, but got him swinging there. i hit that name. five strikeouts and the giants win. a's night off. we'll find out if josh is well
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enough to play tomorrow. i doubt it. welcome back. >> thank you. we'll see you at 11:00. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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